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beyondcompare's Journal

The World's Greatest in Everything
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Hello, and welcome to BeyondCompare, the definitive guide to the best in everything

If you're new here, this community needs a little introduction. The purpose of this community is to determine the very best in everygenre imaginable. We do this by selecting a topic to determine the best in every month, and having members offer up their suggestions for the category in a post. At the end of the month, a poll is created featuring all the suggestions is posted up, and members vote for a designated amount of time. The winner after that amount of time earns the title of the World's greatest in that category.

1. You're entitled to disagree with members suggestions, and yes, you're entitled to post that, but please, no flaming. There's a big difference between "You think such and such is the greatest movie ever? I thought it was terrible, because blah, blah, and blah...." and "WHAT THE F**K IS WRING WITH YOU THAT MOVIE SUCKS YOU F**KING *****". If you don't comply with this rule, your comments may be deleted without warning.
2. You can make as many suggestions for a category as you want, but try to put all your suggestions in one or two posts. There's no need to make a seperate post for each and every suggestion you have.
3. Extremely long posts should be under lj cut. Just use your better judgement with this one.
4. Feel free to post your suggestions, arguments why your suggestion is the best in it's genre, introductions, if you're new to the community, questions about the community, ideas for categories, your opinions of the winners, etc...but please don't post anything off topic. This community is not the place to promote your community, rant about your life, or anything else like that- keep that to your journal or communities intended for that.

And, on that note, enjoy. I'm hoping to get a lot of involvement and have a lot of fun with this!